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Astro Highlights for the Week of December 31, 2023

Mercury and Jupiter both station direct this week, which is a sprinkle of pixie dust for all of us. Mercury and Jupiter moving in direct apparent motion helps us achieve more clear communication and effective planning. We will move forward on projects and paperwork; get traction on written projects; and enjoy a general sense of things going in the right direction. This is especially true for Jupiter stationing direct and then moving direct. We've reviewed our Taurean values and philosophies; we may have felt stuck in a heavy and earthy situation, but that's just a phase. Being unstuck is a phase, too, and we are entering it this week.

Furthering the sense of agency is Mars' ingress into elusive and capable Capricorn, where Mars can do extraordinary things - feats of strength, endurance, and accomplishments. Mars in Capricorn can do hard things. It makes it stronger.

Mars will be conjoining Mercury in Sagittarius, which would be one thing, but they are both squaring Neptune, which makes it another thing. Mercury square Neptune in Sag/Pisces has challenges around storytelling with a firm commitment to the mundane details. There's a tendency to inflate, aggrandize, extend, generalize, expound. Mars square Neptune has a hard time navigating healthy boundaries. There can be a passive-aggressive aspect that plays on each party's apparent weakness. Mars and Mercury co-squaring Neptune could mean a lot of smoke and mirrors; confusion; inflation; fog; water-logged logic; half-truths stretched around emotional truths.

Venus is squaring Saturn, which is always a big turn-off. A wall goes up on what seemed like a sweet connection; there's a delay; confusion over roles; confusion over who pays which check. Wet blanket over Saggy's fun. Saturn in Pisces wants emotional maturity and Venus in Sagittarius is growing through relationships - sometimes readjustments are needed.

There's a lot of luck this week, though, including Fama and Fortuna sitting at 19 degree Capricorn trining Uranus in Taurus. The asteroid Bless is passing close to the South Node, telling of Libran-informed karmic gifts this week.

Timing is on your side this week. Tyche (Cancer) and Saturn (Pisces) are in a water trine. There's an emotional aspect to the way luck shows up. With Saturn, it's not random. It's been earned. The sort of luck that you create by hard work over time.

Jupiter is stationing direct, and that's good news for everyone. When the great benefic moves direct in an earthy, Venusian sign, there's a sense of expanding potential to build, to create, to conserve, to inspire, to manifest the future in concrete ways. It's a great way to begin a new year.

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