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Is my friend going to be okay?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A client contacted me recently quite worried about his friend who had received some devastating health news. My client wanted to know if his friend was going to be okay. Unfortunately, the horary chart indicates that the friend is entering a period of weakness, illness, and is likely confronting their own mortality. Sometimes charts don’t provide the answers we are hoping they will provide; rather, they help us know how to navigate and prepare for life’s seasons.

The signifier of the querent is Sun since Leo is on the ascendant; his friend is signified by Mercury since Gemini is on the 11th house cusp, and his friend’s illness by Venus, sixth from the 11th. Venus, the significator of the question, is retrograde. This denotes ill in the question, discord, and contradiction. Also, the sign on the cusp of the friend’s house of illness is about to change from Venus to Mars, a malefic.

The significator of the friend, Mercury in Capricorn, is going an average speed; the significator of the illness, Venus, is moving slowly and retrograde, so it is impeded. Mercury is conjunct the cusp of the 8th house of the turned chart. It is disposited by an essentially strong Saturn in the ninth house of the turned chart.

Mercury, significator of the friend, is in the turned 8th house, the radical sixth house, both houses are dark houses that don’t bode well for issues of health. The significator of the friend is stronger in this case than the significator of the illness, but with Venus retrograde and about to change, the situation is unpredictable and precarious.

Nothing is greatly impeding Mercury and retrograde Venus from perfecting a conjunction. It looks like the friend may get worse before getting some relief.


The moon in this chart is impeded, peregrine in Leo and decreasing in light. She sits in the first house, but not close to Angle in the radical chart; in the 3rd house in the turned chart, the house of the moon’s joy. This makes sense since a moon in third house often denotes important news or messages, which the friend received.

The moon is squaring the nodes, which is a poor testimony. The nodes are in the 12/6th houses, houses of ill fortune and darkness, in the turned chart; 10/4 in the radical chart, with the south node in the radical 4th which can be a testimony of grave illness.

Moon is applying toward an opposition with Jupiter. Jupiter has Lordship over 8th house and 5th house in the radical chart; the seventh and tenth houses in the turned chart.

Moon applying toward an opposition with the lord of the 8th is a poor testimony.

Moon at 27.34"35' is square the recent lunar eclipse degree 27.14" Taurus. Be aware of receiving prejudice when least expected.

Seldom good comes of a moon impeded.

Unfortunately, with the weakness of the moon, its squares to the nodes and opposition to the Lord of the Eighth house, the moon does not promise any relief to the friend.

What happened?

About a week after this chart was cast, the friend became extremely distraught and called my client. My client is actively working with his friend to get support for his physical as well as psychological well-being as he faces a debilitating illness.

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