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About Horary Astrology

Horary astrology, based on ancient techniques and steeped in tradition, offers targeted insights and practical guidance on life’s most pressing questions.

A horary chart is cast for the moment the astrologer understands the heart of the matter, using the locality of the astrologer. The chart focuses on the core issues at hand and the interpretation intends to empower the client to make strong decisions and exercise free will.

Horary can be employed for a broad range of life situations – it requires a sincere heart and a direct, emotional connection to the question. Impatience and curiousity are not sufficient to generate a meaningful horary chart.

Questions that horary deals with effectively:

  • Will I get the house?

  • Should I take the job?

  • Where did I lose my wedding ring?

  • When will my son return home?

  • Should I relocate for work?

  • Should I try IVF again? Will it be successful?

Questions that horary does not deal with effectively:

  • Will Bad Bunny win another Grammy?

  • Will I ever fall in love?

  • Is this a winning LOTTO ticket?

  • Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

How does horary work? The dynamic is profoundly simple and yet strains comprehension: our human minds are encompassed within the cosmic mind. The cosmos partakes of a symbolic language that earnest astrologers seek to delineate, or interpret. Horary astrology, like all branches of astrological inquiry, is a translative art, a vocation, and an act of service. It does not predict the future, but can interpret where the current energies are heading. Any and all astrological advice is simply that – advice. What you choose to do with it is based on how you exercise your free will.

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