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2024 Menu and Rates

Horary, chart work including transits, progressions, solar returns, synastry charts, and Find Your Pot of Gold Reading.

Horary Reading


Horary astrology answers questions about life’s biggest and smallest things. Should I move back home? Will I get this promotion? How will the sale of my house go? Is this person a liar? Will the IVF treatment pay off? What is wrong with my dog?

Horary astrology does not require your birth time; only a sincere heart.

Chart Work


Natal, progressed, solar return, and transit analysis to help you plan, maximize potential, and problem-solve to live your best life. Chart work includes a written summary and an optional 60 minute video call or phone call.

Find Your Pot of Gold


Chart reading focused on how LUCK shows up in your chart based on numerous asteroids and planets that signify luck, abundance, fortune, good timing, winning, and blessings.

Electional Astrology


Electional astrology will offer you windows of opportunity to do specific things where the universe is best aligned to accomplish your specific goals.

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