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Astro Highlights for October 1-7, 2023

It's a mentally active week with Mercury opposing Neptune at the beginning of the week. I talk about what's supported during this time, including recognizing your addictions, using your illusions, understanding your own personal mythology, and delving into memory to retrieve treasures. Then Mercury trines Pluto, and the vibe changes. Pluto is about power and hidden things. When Mercury is in relationship to it, it's a good time to recognize your own power to manifest in the world, to heal, to regenerate, and to evolve. It's also a good time for end of life and legacy planning. Have a will? If not, this is the week to make one.

Mercury enters Libra, the great balancer. I talk about what this energy has to offer - diplomacy, principled decision making, and recognizing others are some of the many gifts that Mercury in Libra bestows. Libra understands that compromise, collaboration, and communication makes the world work better for everyone, that we are social creatures, and that everyone matters. There is also a strong tendency toward social activism when Mercury is in Libra. Libra cares about fairness and justice.

Finally, Mars conjoins the mysterious South Node. The South Node is one of those points in astrology that means different things depending on your world view. If you believe in karma and past lives, it carries a whole set of significations that relate to that worldview. If you don't, it carries other significations. This is an area where I admit wonder, and can say with full transparency that I don't know what it signifies or why. I know that it is impactful in my life and the lives of my clients, but why and how...I simply do not know. I stand in wonder and a constant state of observation and learning. I have observed that the South Node often represents what we might call 'natural gifts' - what you are wise about and gifted in without really having to work that hard. Others see it as a place of release - what the South Node touches can be tinged with loss. Fascinating stuff.


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