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Astro Highlights for October 15-21

This is the last week of Libra season, with the Sun and Mercury joining Mars in Scorpio next week. We talk about Mercury's journey this week to the heart of the Sun, emerging as an evening star. Then we look at Mercury's dignity in Scorpio using the Ptolemaic dignity table and discuss the difference between a natal placement and how dignity works in horary astrology.

Continuing that theme, we talk about the trines between Mercury with Saturn and Mars with Saturn, neither of which promise much good due to the state of the players, with Saturn retrograde and slowing down, and Mercury and Mars combust.

The silver lining to the week is a lovely Grand Earth trine between Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon, opening a window of opportunity from October 20-24, the best time for Venus during her whole tenure in Virgo, the sign of her fall. This is the time to ask for a raise, fundraise, and get your creative work out there. Make the most of it - there's great potential with a waxing Moon to manifest your earthly desires.


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