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Astro-Highlights of September 10 - 16, 2023

This week we have a NEW MOON in Virgo on September 14th, the last New Moon of the summer. It invites us to take the high road, act with integrity, and make refinements in our schedules, diets, workloads, and daily life to accommodate the rest, reflection, and self-care that is so critical to flourishing in our fast-paced world.

Mercury stations direct, also on the 14th, inviting us to envision our own brightest future. It's a great day for journaling, vision boarding, and writing letters to our future selves. Intentions matter, goal setting has power, and we are the captains of our vessels.

Mars applies to sextile Venus beginning on September 12, a sweet dynamic that offers us romantic juice, the chance to balance our own inner masculine and feminine, and a fun, flirty vibe. This dance continues, changing tempo from Libra/Leo to Scorpio/Virgo in October, for about a month, but the sextile is never perfected. This has implications for horary astrology, so horary peeps, take note!

Finally, the two powerhouses of our universe, the Sun and Jupiter, perfected an earthy trine on September 8th. When Jupiter is retrograde, things can go bad in a big way. The trine is now waning and will leave its 3 degree orb of influence by September 11.


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