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Creative Potential for August 27 - September 2, 2023

This week MARS ingresses into LIBRA, where traditionally it is considered in its detriment. But make no mistake — MARS in the cardinal sign of LIBRA is hardly weak, unless we are looking at it from a dignitiy standpoint which is more applicable in other areas of astrology, like horary and electional. In natal, MARS simply has a new boss (Venus), which it does not particularly enjoy, perhaps, but can work well with, all things being equal.

It’s toolbox shifts from pure initiative and aggression (ARIES) to more persuasive, social means. MARS in LIBRA is the negotiator, the ambassador, the lawyer, the statesperson, the arbiter, the charmer. MARS in LIBRA is the personification of “iron fist in velvet glove.” That iron fist comes from Saturn’s exaltation in LIBRA. Regardless of its sartorial choices, an iron fist is still an iron fist. Think Margaret Thatcher, a famous example of MARS in LIBRA energy.

Mercury applies to TRINE Jupiter this week, but set your expectations realistically for this. Though TRINES are considered positive, they are only as good as the planets and energies creating them. Mercury is going COMBUST this week, so it is very weak. A degraded, weakened Mercury is not going to do much good being amplified by Jupiter. Take care not to over-extend yourself, over-promise, overreact, or over-analyze a past event. Let it be and give yourself a mental break.

Venus is still applying to SQUARE Jupiter, so you will want to be cautious about spending, over-indulging, and burning yourself out to put on a good show. The good news is that Venus is finally stationing direct at the very end of the week. Venus is moving very slowly right now, but will be steadily improving as she gains speed and moves through the shadow phase of this retrograde. For many, this retrograde has been tough. Venus is out of the shadow on October 7. Hope is right around the corner.

We’re dealing with the fallout of SUN in OPPOSITION to Saturn. It perfects on August 27 very early in the morning, PST. We’ll be feeling it in the early parts of the week, absorbing the lessons, and recommitting ourselves to doing the work. That’s what Saturn demands. There are no shortcuts.


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