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Should I travel now?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A client asked me whether she should take a trip home now. We chatted and I learned that she has flexibility in when she takes the trip. She’s looking at a couple of dates – one very soon and one a few weeks out. With that information for context, I cast the horary chart. Based on what I saw, I advised her that it would be better to wait to take this trip.

Here’s what led me to that disposition.

The significator of the querent is the Sun in Capricorn conjunct the cusp of the 6th house, a place of sickness. The Sun is peregrine and cadent, both debilities. Significator of the Ascendant in the 6th can also reflect being overwhelmed by work and deadlines, which reflected the querent’s situation.

The significator of the trip is Jupiter, ruler of Pisces on the 9th house cusp. Jupiter is in the final anaretic degree of Aquarius in the eighth house. It is Occidental, which slows things down. Right now, Jupiter is in bad shape essentially, but it’s going to improve in station as soon as it hits Pisces. This is a testimony that waiting a little while will improve the prospects of the trip.

Jupiter, the significator of the trip, is in the 8th house, a dark and unfortunate house. The Sun, significator of the ascendant is in the 6th house, another dark and unfortunate house. This is a testimony of a poor outcome or the question.

The biggest impediment to Jupiter, the significator of the trip, is a partile square with the nodes.

The biggest impediment to the significator of the querent is a partile square from the Lot of Fortune.

The Lot of Fortune is underground, as are both of the Luminaries.

The moon in Scorpio is in her fall in the depths of the fourth house. This lunar placement suggests radicality because my client’s heart is turned toward home. This fallen moon sits in the via combusta, a dangerous and hot place. She is applying to a square with Saturn, the greater malefic. The moon is also in a sign and degree that is opposite her exaltation in Taurus. This is a testimony according to Lilly that the querent has no good hopes of her demands. Seldom good comes from a moon impeded, Lilly also tells us, and this moon is impeded by being in her fall and in the via combusta.

Currently, there is no perfecting aspects between the significators of the ascendant and the trip. When Jupiter changes sign, the significator of the ascendant, Sun in Capricorn, and the significator of the trip, which will be Jupiter in Pisces, will move into sextile. This is testimony that the later trip is better for the querent. For now, there are no perfecting aspects between the significator and the trip, so the trip won’t come to pass.

The Luminaries are underground, the significators are in dark houses, there’s hard aspects with the nodes and Lot of Fortune. The moon is impeded. These are testimonies that no good will come of this trip. Looking at the signification overall, there’s no sparkle, no light, no luck, no blessing for the querent in taking this trip now.

I advised my client that it would be better to postpone the trip rather than take it right now.

What happened?

My client took the trip at the later time which worked out better overall for her work timelines.

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