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Welcome to the Archer's Table

It is fitting that Thanksgiving falls in the month of Sagittarius – when it comes to food, the Archer is all about the feast. Gathering loved ones around the table for roaring conversations and plenty, and I mean plenty, of food. The Sagittarian table is a laden table – one that reflects high-minded ideals like gratitude and generosity and community – all things dear to the Sagittarian heart.

               Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, aka Zeus, the king of the gods in the ancient Parthenon, the sky god, rule-maker, and legendary lover. Sagittarius’ motto – one of them – could be “go big or go home.” This is a sign that loves expansion, sharing, spreading its warmth, ideas, and culinary delights. It does not shy away from butter, oils, or fats. In fact, fried foods are a particular delight to the Sagittarian palate, as are roasted or grilled meats, especially fowl. Seeds, nuts, eggs, honey, and dates are favored as well. Vegetables and fruits that are golden and orange find a place at the table, as do golden or orange spices such as redolent cloves, healthful turmeric, and precious saffron. Jupiter rules the liver, so there’s space for bitter herbs and liver cleansers, along with plenty of water to wash down some of those sweet wines!

               Here are some meal ideas for the Sagittarian season. These foods are chosen with the spirit and jouissance of the Archer in mind. Try some dishes, align with the solar energies, and remember, it’s not what you eat that matters most to Sagittarius – it is the people with whom you eat and the gratitude you have for the sources of your nourishment. Sagittarius is a philosophical sign, one that is always looking to broaden its (and your!) horizons, perspectives, and hearts. Considering the penchant for cheeses, fats, and fried foods, there’s a chance of broadening your waistline as well, but that’s why long rambling hikes in the great outdoors exist. Get out and explore the world, but first, let’s feast!

Welcome to the Archer’s Table!


  • Baked grapefruit

  • Pumpkin pancakes

  • Walnut bread

  • Banana, papaya, and pineapple smoothie

  • Golden oatmeal

  • Omelets, or eggs of any kind, especially with cheese

  • Yogurt bowl with honey, berries, seeds, and nuts


  • Quiche

  • Yellow dal with brown rice

  • Wings and fries

  • Curried chicken salad

  • Pumpkin cashew curry

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Fried Halloumi


  • Cheeses

  • Sardines on crackers

  • Spiced nuts

  • Roasted garbanzo beans and pepitas

  • Stuffed dates


  • Fried chicken

  • Butter poached salmon

  • Saffron chicken tagine

  • Paella

  • Dry-brined Cornish hens

  • Soup Joumou

  • Poblanos rellenos


  • Kale

  • Collards

  • Saffron rice

  • Cauliflower gratin

  • Butternut squash

  • Rainbow chard

  • Endives

  • Arugula

  • Parslied carrots

  • Brown rice

  • Pickled beets


  • Nut tart

  • Cheese plate withe dates and nuts

  • Roasted or grilled pineapple

  • Bananas Foster

  • Mango sticky rice

  • Date balls

  • Olive oil cake with citrus buttercream frosting

  • Pineapple upside down cake


  • Lemon water

  • Lemonade

  • Peppermint tea

  • Papaya, pineapple, or grapefruit juice

  • Golden milk

  • Moscato d'Asti

  • Sauternes

  • Hot buttered rum


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