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Who ROBBED me?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

While on vacation for a birthday celebration, the querent was robbed. Someone broke into the AirBnB where she was staying and took clothes, jewelry, bags, and other valuables. The querent wants to know who robbed her and if there is an ongoing threat.

Some very initial observations: this chart has cardinal axes, each very early into each sign. The story has just begun, and the facts are wobbly. In some situations, I might decline to read a chart with such an early ascendant, but due to the radicality of the chart, I decide to read the chart to see what comfort I may offer. For radicality – the horary sun is conjunct the querent’s natal sun and the 9th house moon well-represents her since she was away on vacation when this robbery occurred.

While the moon is descriptive of the querent’s situation, it may also be signifier of the thief. I will explore both Mars in Capricorn and the peregrine Gemini moon as significators of the thief. Likewise, I will consider Venus as the significator of the querent since Venus rules Libra and the ascendant is at 1.1.1 Libra.

Let’s get this party started. First, Mars as significator of the thief.

Mars enjoys essential and accidental dignity in this chart. Mars is in Capricorn, where it is exalted, and in the fourth house, where it has agency, though it may be hidden. Angular houses are always where action happens, and an exalted Mars can make things happen.

Mars is emplaced within the fourth house, which may have a layered meaning. First, that Mars is literally in the querent’s house, which he was, and second, that Mars is near to the querent, either physically or metaphorically, perhaps a neighbor, family member, or insider. Finally, it can also indicate someone who is hidden, since the fourth house is a dark house, a house of depths, drownings, and endings.

Mars is conjunct Venus, which may indicate that there were two parties involved, perhaps a man and a woman, or it may indicate what is influencing Mars (boozy Venus?!), or it could even suggest what the thief took – clothes and jewelry, goods ruled by Venus.

With Mars exalted and in the fourth house, I wouldn’t expect a huge scene, but rather a covert, efficient operation. With its relationship to Venus, a benefic, I’d expect the actions of Mars to be tempered, softened.

Recently, Mars hit a sextile to Jupiter in the 6th house and a trine to Uranus in the 8th, which seems like a surprise opportunity for Mars, which might be reflected in the fact that the querent had forgotten to lock the back door before leaving for the night.

Now let’s look at the moon as significator of the thief and see what sense can be made from this imagery. The moon is peregrine in Gemini and in a cadent house. Peregrine planets are often favored as significators of thieves. With the moon in a cadent house, it might indicate that this thief remains missing/hidden. The moon in Gemini is disposed by Mercury, a sign long associated with thieves, cutpurses, and unsavory drifters. Mercury squats in the fourth house as well, breathing down the neck of Pluto.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in the fourth is a thief in the home. Pluto, which is not shown in this chart since this is a Hellenic chart, sits at 27.16 Capricorn in partile trine to the North Node in Taurus in the 9th house. With Pluto trine North Node, I wonder if there is a karmic connection between the querent and the thief, if he is a visitor from her distant past. All that being unknowable, let’s move on to what happened.

What happened?

After the robbery, the querent spoke with a neighbor, who affirmed that the thief was a youngish man who waited across the street from the querent’s house after committing the burglary, watching the house until the police arrived. He was with someone else, most likely a woman though the neighbor wasn’t positive. The description of the perpetrator tells us that he was a young man in shorts and flip flops who had curly brown hair and a tan knit cap on his head. He was likely houseless. The AirBnB that the querent rented sat a few blocks from the Colorado River where there was a population of urban dwellers hard living in tents. The neighbor thought she might recognize the fellow from there.

The querent felt a sense of sadness at the thought of the trespasser and the next day she made a donation to a local organization that helps the houseless population. She hoped it might provide a few meals. It felt like an empty gesture, but she couldn’t shake the sense of sadness she felt when she thought of him, sleeping in a tent.

The next two nights, she stayed at home, feeling insecure and unsafe, though I let her know that there’s no indication of further malice to her in the horary chart.

On the morning she was leaving for home, she went for a walk down to the Colorado River. Around the corner, in front of a house and leaning against a front gate, she found her bag. Peering inside, she saw everything that had been taken from her – her wedding ring, her father’s signet ring, clothes, the jar of peanut butter. It was all there for her. She ran back to the rental home and filled another bag with treats – sandwiches, granola bars, toilet paper, water, deodorant, socks – and dropped it off where she found her bag. She said a little prayer for all the houseless souls, living and dead.

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