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Will we talk again soon?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

In the summer of 2020, a client asked me whether she would talk again soon to a friend with whom she had a falling out.

I asked the querent if this was a friend from their network of friends, or was this someone special to them? This could determine if the 11th house or the 7th house should be used to signify the friend. The querent said that this person used to hold a very special place in their personal Parthenon at one point. It was a relationship in which she had invested a great deal of time and love. That triggered me to look at the 7th house for signification of the friend.

The querent herself is signified by Saturn retrograde in Aquarius in the first house. Saturn is well-placed, though fixed in Aquarius, which can indicate a sense of being stuck, stubborn, or overly principled. Retrograde signifiers can evoke the sense of being “pulled back.” She agreed that this explained her situation well. She felt right in her choice to sever the friendship, but was having some regret for the loss of an important relationship.

The friend is signified by the Moon in Aries in the third house. The moon is peregrine and cadent, not in good shape at all. The moon separates from a sextile with Saturn by 16 degrees. The querent affirmed that the last contact she had with the friend had occurred 16 months earlier.

The separation of the signifiers with no help from the Benefics did not bode well for an immediate reconciliation. Also, both luminaries are under the horizon, which gives a negative testimony. I let the querent know that the chart does not support a reconciliation at this time. The moon is losing strength but will be reborn in a new phase. Likewise, relationships have their phases. Capricorn and Cancer, the signs on the ascendant and descendant, can relate on almost familial terms. The bonds can stretch quite far without breaking entirely. There’s an inherent loyalty that time apart will not erase, but the horary, for now, indicated that there would indeed be time spent apart. Independent Saturn in Aquarius and headstrong moon in Aries are heading in other directions for now.

What happened?

I spoke to my client a year and a half after this horary was cast. She still hadn’t reconnected with her friend and said that she had “no intention of doing so any time soon.” She didn’t seem overly upset by it; rather, she took it as part of life’s vicissitudes. She said at first, it didn’t seem possible to totally disconnect since they had been friends for over two decades, but now, it seems normal to not have this person as part of her sphere. She has adjusted and moved on. To everything there is a season.

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