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Aquarius - Remembering Who Accepts You

Aquarius season invites us to accept and make space for the discordant, wild, and alien parts of ourselves, the parts that wander outside city walls, scouting the hinterlands.

As we enter this season, let’s remember someone in our lives who ACCEPTS US.

This is a writing practice of radical attunement drawing on inspiration, techniques, and tools from the narrative therapy, astrology, and creative writing worlds. Welcome to this practice.

Your stories are the inheritance you give yourself.

They give you permission to step into your preferred identities.

Entering the Conversation

Who is this person? What means the most to you about this person?

Who is this person who accepts you in your life? Invite them into a conversation with you right now, in your present moment.

Invite the parts of the person that you want to invite.

Feelings might come up – invite them as well. All are welcome in your brave place of writing and remembering.

Take two minutes to write your thoughts about this person, how you see them, what you value the most about them.

Write freely and don’t worry about grammar and mechanics.

Grounding the Conversation

Where are you having this conversation?

Where are you and this person going to talk? Ground the conversation in a place. It can be a real or imagined setting. Writing anchors the space, brings it into being.

Nothing can harm you in this place. Here, you are accepted.

Take two minutes to describe the setting. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?

Write freely and don’t worry about grammar and mechanics.

Creating the Conversation

What do you want to say to this person right now?

Speaking your truth: What do you want to tell this person today? What do you want this person to know right now? What parts of your life want acceptance? Where can this person shine their special light?

Take two minutes to share what parts of your life want acceptance right now. Tell this person what you need to tell them today.

Write freely and don’t worry about grammar and mechanics.

How might this person speak to you right now?

Listening to them: What might this person be interested in knowing about you right now? What would they notice about what you wrote? What questions would they ask you?

Take two minutes to write what this person might say to you.

Write freely and don’t worry about grammar and mechanics.

Reflecting on the Conversation

Take some time to reread and process what you wrote.

Look over what you wanted to share with your accepting person. Circle any words or phrases that stand out, that resonate.

Look over how this accepting person might speak to you right now. Circle any words or phrases that stand out, that resonate.

What did you learn? What surprised you? What triggered an emotional response?

Closing the Conversation

What feels possible right now?

Express gratitude: thank your person for joining with you today. Let them know that you appreciate them, that they matter to you.

Take two minutes to explore what feels possible right now after attuning to a conversation with your accepting person. What areas feel more spacious? What has shifted?

Write freely and don’t worry about grammar and mechanics.

Extending the Conversation

Reread the pieces of writing you just created.

Give each one a title.

Scan them for images, memories, words, and phrases that speak to you, surprise you, or resonate in some way.

Play with today’s writing and explore the possibility of a flash nonfiction piece, a poem, a vignette, or a longer essay. You have the characters, the setting, and the topics.

Feel free to email me what you create. I will read it with a joyful heart. Let me know if you are open to sharing your writing with others. Sharing writing is one way to create community.

Maybe what you wrote is perfect as-is and has served its purpose. That’s awesome, too.

Thank yourself for being wired differently,

creative, and accepting.

That’s some Aquarian mojo right there –

soak it up!

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