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Astro Highlights for the Week of January 7, 2024

Welcome to the first full week of 2024! Contact me for a yearly transit reading. I do it every January myself. I contact a favorite astrologer and get a transit reading so I know what parts of my life are going to be activated in the upcoming year. Why don't I just do it myself? Ha! I wish I could read my own chart with benevolent clarity. :) And then every December, I review the reading and learn from it based on what actually happened. It's cool. I have grown to better understand how things manifest in my own life by doing this consistently for the past 20 years.

January always excites me because it feels like we're entering the mystery. Each year brings so much experience, heartache, joy, triumph, and challenge, and here we stand at the precipice of it all. What's the year going to herald in our lives?

This week, we have a New Moon in Capricorn. In the video, I walk through the houses for all the rising signs that the New Moon in Capricorn falls in because it's a powerful seeding period with impact beyond this lunar cycle. Why do I say that? Because of what's happening in the cosmos at the seed moment of the New Moon.

Three factors stand out. In no particular order, first we have the Moon's trine to Uranus while the Sun is also trining Uranus. Sun trine Uranus speaks to our heroic journey; Moon trine Uranus speaks to our inner journey, our lunar development. It's about learning the deep lessons of what it means to be human - how to connect, how to heal, how to nurture ourselves and the Earth, how to be authentic. Uranus brings unexpected insights, awakenings, and reversals that end up jolting us into a sense of being vividly alive. Uranus helps us evolve.

That evolutionary help comes in handy this week because the Sun (and the New Moon) are at the bending of the Lunar Nodes. That is to say, the Sun and New Moon are squaring the North and South Nodes of the Moon. This is a heady time - karmic. What's on offer here is a chance for a "do-over." When the Luminaries are at the bending of the Nodes, issues that have been blockages in the past come round again. We're given another chance to show that we've learned the lesson we've needed to learn.

Soul lessons are hard lessons. This is a challenging aspect because there are good reasons why we've resisted the lesson in the past. It threatens us in some primal way.

The Universe in its infiniteness has also given us a mighty tool during this testing period: Mars in trine to Jupiter. Mars in trine to Jupiter helps us go big, have impact, be brave, act with honor, and do more than we've thought possible. It invites us to have faith (Jupiter) in our actions (Mars).

This is the cosmic template of this week's New Moon. The Sun/Moon dyad is trining Uranus while squaring the Nodes and Mars is trining Jupiter. It's a hell of a start to a new year. But that's not all...

Mercury, after futzing around with a frustrating square to Neptune, is entering Capricorn. The fog lifts. We see what is right in front of us and rightsize it. Capricorn likes to deal with consensus reality. It understands structures, boundaries, and how to navigate them effectively. While Mercury is in Capricorn we'll all be able to get some hard mental work accomplished.

Welcome to 2024! Please contact me for a yearly transit reading. It's one of the most valuable investments you can make in January as you plan your year.


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