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Astro Highlights for Week of January 16, 2024

At the end of this week, Pluto goes cazimi at the last minute of the final degree of Capricorn. This period of cleansing and regeneration happens right before Pluto enters Aquarius. A renewed Pluto enters the sign of the water-bearer as the Sun does as well. In the video I talk about some of the thematics at play with the Sun and Pluto conjunction, and how this is influenced by Fortuna, which is also in the throne room of the Sun with Pluto. Pluto and Fortuna and the Sun itself are a part of this leg of the Pluto in Aquarius saga. It's s sweet nine months before Pluto pops back into Capricorn until early November, when it hits Aquarius full tilt for the next twenty years.

Later on in the video, I talk about what house Pluto is entering for each rising sign. It's a twenty year swath of time, a continuation of many of the themes since 2008 because Pluto is still in a Saturnian ruled sign. Capricorn is quite different than Aquarius, but they also have a lot in common. The Saturnian will runs through both.

Pluto enters Aquarius still ruled by Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which is in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. So there are still Jupiterian aspects to the lessons and reveals that Pluto provides. Jupiter is focused on the future, which chimes with Aquarius' co-ruler Uranus.

Within Aquarius lies an essential contradiction, an engine that gives it plenty of dynamism and the sense that it is an archetype that can be hard to pin down or adequately categorize. It can evade definition, a bundle of paradoxes. There's co-being of multitudes, which we will likely see play out on the world's stage.

Pluto rules what is hidden and Aquarius has a lot to say about the collective, about society. What we have hidden may be unmasked over the next twenty years, but how? There's mystery, drama, depth, and high stakes because of Pluto.

It's an exciting inflection moment. A small ripple from a cold distant planet changing signs at the end of the week is the beginning of our next chapter. We may not see it for years to come, but we are brinking, all of us.

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