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Astro Highlights for October 29 - November 4, 2023

There's an active waning Moon this week triggering a lot of patterns starting with water trines with the Sun, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury that offer the opportunity to extend nurturing and compassion, two elements deeply needed at this time.

Then the Moon forms an (almost) Grand Cross with the nodes and Pluto, which may feel very fated, like we are in a loop where hidden things (Pluto) get emotionally triggered.

The Moon ends the week as the focal point of a fixed T-square. The missing leg of the T-square is Aquarius, so leaning into humanitarianism is the way out of the crisis.

This week, Venus has moved out of trine to Jupiter but into trine with Pluto, a very different flavor. This aspect invites you to be fearless with what you truly desire. Dig deep and make art and love that heals your soul.

And finally, Saturn is stationing direct at the very end of the week, ending a retrogradation that has been in effect all summer. We can start to feel back on course, listening to our inner voice of authority. Doors that slammed reopen. We are getting unstuck.


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