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Astro Highlights for the Week of December 17-23: Luck is Knocking, Will You Open the Door?

This is an auspicious week with a small talent triangle/minor grand trine with Tyche, Goddess of Luck, Saturn, and Jupiter, the Time Lords. Jupiter is the focal point. It's about seizing the opportunity, recognizing grace in your life, reaching out to the women in your circles, and the time being right to let luck into your life however that manifests for you. It won't be an overnight thing - with Saturn, it will manifest in the fullness of time. But this week is a portal moment - don't miss it.

People talk to me about luck all the time - usually the lack of it in their lives. Some folks believe themselves to be unlucky, even. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that luck, like anything else, is a lot more complicated than it seems. Luck is nuanced; it has many faces. For some, it's about sudden moments. For others, it's about reaping what you have sown after years of preparation and hard work. Some people have luck sourced from their family and homes. For others, it is sourced by friends and networks. For all, it comes from inside your own life, from the courage to believe in yourself and learn from yourself. You are your own best teacher. Your soul may have chosen you because it needs to learn the lessons that only you can teach it.

But soulful learning takes time...and this week is the perfect time for it. With Mercury and Jupiter retrograde the next two weeks, it is an opportunity to do a review of the past six months of your life and gather the seeds for future growth. Guiding questions during this review are "What opportunities did I not recognize as such at the time?" "What kindnesses could I have offered but didn't?," and "What did I learn that makes me larger as a human?" Take some time and reflect on these questions. The answers will empower you tremendously as Jupiter turns direct at the beginning of 2024. It's not about resolutions; it's about recognizing your own life's wisdom.

There's a lot of jazz with Venus as well this week. An opposition to Uranus and a trine to Neptune make this week sizzle for artists, makers, and lovers. To be alive is such a gift!


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