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Astro Highlights for the Week of November 26, 2023

This week brings a Full Moon in Gemini opposite Mars in Sagittarius, which can lead to arguments and hurt feelings if you're not careful. Keep it light, airy, social and funny. Gemini Moon mirrors whatever is in front of it, so choose your company mindfully on Sunday and Monday nights.

Venus has a lovely transit this week to the South Node in Libra, which can indicated revisiting special ladies or relationships from the past, getting recognized for artistic efforts, and karmic kisses for good deeds. Karma isn't always a bitch!

But then Venus enters a square with Pluto in Capricorn - the "Persephone signature." This is a deep energy where forbidden and taboo passions, hot sex, and a lust for power emerges from the shadows. It's creative, fertile, and driven by things that aren't always talked about in polite company.

Mercury is a big player this week, squaring Neptune which can be divine, or deeply frustrating. It's an open channel to the music of the spheres, to imaginative image making, and storytelling, but it's also a time when it's easy to get lost in the dark wood. If you are doing work that needs mental exactitude where details and facts matter, check your data once, twice, three times. If something seems too good to be true, it may be. Beware of phishing scams and other heartless tricks that hucksters play on the undeserving. This is a time when you want to trust and be open to others.

Mercury is also trining the North Node and sextiling the South Node, a favored position for any planet. The messages, communications, omens, dreams, and information that come across your radars this week should be listened to with a special kind of attention - Mercury is in dialogue with mysterious forces that have something to say about how our collective life unfolds.

Then Mercury takes the veil and enters Capricorn, a sign where Mercury is very powerful. There's an affinity between Mercury and Saturn. In this sign, Mercury favors deep concentration, solitude, care in speech, systems thinking, and can be disciplined and wise. Hot stuff!


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