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Should I leave real estate?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This chart is for my own question, one that I had a sense of fear and dread around asking which tells me that there’s juice here.

In this horary chart, the ascendant is in Virgo so the querent is signified by Mercury in Libra, retrograde in the first house.

The quesited, the real estate license, is ruled by the 2nd house of personal resources, signified by Venus in Virgo in the 12th house since Libra is the 2nd house cusp.

The “opportunity” is presented by the ruler of the 7th house, which is Jupiter since Pisces rules the descendent.

For thematics and weather patterns, I look to the axes and see that all four axes are ruled by mutable signs on the Mercury/Jupiter spectrum. This tells me that the current situation may vacillate, may go back and forth, may not be “fixed” but open to what the future brings. Mercury/Jupiter spectrum brings together the big picture, the vision, the direction vs. the details, the navigation systems, the tools.

Next, I look to see if any planets hug an angle because they are players in this cosmic story. I see that the Sun sits slightly above the ascendant. The Sun brings clarity, protection, and strength. It reassures me that now is the time to shine a bright light on this question – I will be protected and illuminated. In this chart, the Sun rules the 11th house of community/network/friends/hopes and dreams. Real estate brought all those things into my life and consciousness in a direct and beautiful way.

Now we look at the relationships between the actor planets, which will help us find our narrative threads. The hero of this story, moi, is played by Mercury in Libra, retrograde in the first house. This is descriptive: I’m lost as to what to do (retrograde) and am playing the pros and cons over and over in my mind (Libra).

Mercury in gentle Libra is pierced by an applying opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries is interpreted in this chart as signifying the “opportunity” since it rules the cusp of the 7th house. Since this is a work-related question, we’re talking about business opportunity, partnership opportunity. In traditional astrology, oppositions are of the nature of Saturn. In opposition to my signifier, the ‘opportunity’ is antithetical to what I need at this moment in time. Instead of expanding me, it is constricting me.

My license itself is ruled by Venus in Virgo lost in the deeps of the 12th house. This is descriptive because Venus in Virgo also rules my resources, and the resources from real estate have been hidden, elusive, evaporative, and inaccessible to me. There’s no connection between my significator and the significator of the license. They are near each other (adjacent) but not in communication. Yep.

Venus in this horary is getting slammed by Mars in a 1 degree applying square. Mars is in the superior position, so Mars is in a position of power. Ouch. Mars rules the 8th house in this chart, a dark house of debt. In Gemini, Mars plays the strident piper demanding to be paid. Practical adjustments will need to be made to bring resources and debt into balance.

The Moon, always important in a horary chart, is not in communication with the major actors and is waning. Exalted in Taurus, fertile Luna separates from most of the planets, indicating that this storyline is coming to a close. The action is past. It is time to resolve.

With a Moon separating from the rest of the cast, an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter, the square to Venus from Mars, and the disconnect between Mercury and Venus, this horary tells me that it is time to step away from real estate.

While difficult to accept in some ways, this chart also tells me that the winds of change are always blowing. Though this may be the best decision at this moment in time, the future will bring a different set of circumstances.

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