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Unlocking the Creative Potential of August 20-26, 2023

This is going to be a challenging week - there's no avoiding it. With the Sun, newly in Virgo, entering an opposition to Saturn retrograde in Pisces, we will have to answer the question: Have we done the work? If not, our castles made of sand may dissolve under our very feet. But as with everything with Saturn, it will be for our own good, so we can go back and build stronger, more stable castles.

Speaking of going back, Mercury in Virgo is stationing retrograde, inviting all of us to slow down and check the details. Do we have our facts straight? Does the data fit the model? Are we telling the truth to ourselves and others? Are others telling the truth to us? Mercury is strong in Virgo, so this retrograde season shouldn't be a total nightmare, but it will slow us down, especially if we are travelling. Give yourself plenty of time. Don't overbook your agenda. Don't expect that things will all work out - this is not that week.

Continuing the Virgo theme, Mars is entering the last degree of Virgo come the end of the week, the Anaretic degree. Decision making will be challenged. Communication will be challenged. Aanaretic degrees are called "fated" degrees, in part because they trigger the end of a storyline. There's a sense of last chance desperation about them sometimes, pushing a scenario to its breaking point. Be a pool of water, reflect, absorb, and don't poke the bear. The bear will poke back. Things that are done during Anaretic degrees can be regretful. Actions can have long ripples.

Keep that in mind as you navigate the Venus in Leo applying to square Jupiter in Taurus. Hold onto your wallet; stash your credit card in a safe place. This is a classic signature of MORE is MORE. But is it? The piper will have to be paid eventually...and when there is so much stressed Virgo energy out there, the best route may be the route of moderation. Find your center and hold on tight. However, if maximalism is your aesthetic, this week will invite you to pile it on. More gold, more glitter, more, more, more! Just remember that when the party is over, somebody has to pick up the overflowing ashtrays, clean the rugs, and pay the bill.


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